Bani J continuously breaking the rules – Whats Next?

Bani J who is passing through Hard situations right now in Bigg Boss is now really fed up with the things happening there. After Swami Om’s worst doing on the show, The house environment has come to a new stage.

The whole world agrees that her anger on Swami Om is really fair but continuously breaking the rules of Bigg Boss house is another side off the story.Even after taking action on Swami Om, Bani J didn’t wear the mike. Bani J who was having the chance to get captaincy was also cancelled by Bigg Boss. She was continuously using English while speaking with Salman because of which Salman Khan also stopped her to speak in English.

Bani j bigg boss 10

After that, In Friday’s episode, Salman tried hard to change the mood of Bani but didn’t step back to understand the things and questioned Salman Khan instead.

Swami Om already got himself out of the house but many misunderstandings and changes we can see in house just because of him. After Lopa and Rohan, It seems like Manu and Manveer going to leave each other’s hand in the house. Lets wait and watch.

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