Bollywood Movies Based on True Stories

From last several years, Bollywood starts focusing on making movies based on true stories.  Even audience also shows their desire towards movies which are based on real life incidents. People appreciate these types of movies instead of old tradition drama and love based movies. Biopics also teaches us and give some inspiration also, these are so hard hitting that touches our soul and heart.

But mostly people don’t know that which movie is based on real incident and get cut away to watch these movies on big screen. Don’t worry guys, we let you know about some biopics which you can watch now.

Movies Based On True Stories

1- Talwar

It is based on real incident which was famous as Arushi Talwar murder case. The audience shows their eager to watch this movie. It was full of mysteries, emotions and a heart breaking movie. After watching the movie, you will definitely think deep about all the facts that you are not familiar with when the case was on trial.

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movies based on true stories

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