Salman Khan raises his voice over Swami Om for his abnormal behavior in Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 10’s episode of 10th December 2016 will show you how Salman Khan can point you if you are a person who don’t know how to maintain the limits. In a never before Avatar Salman Khan became aggressive on Swami Om. Salman stated that from today he will call him just OM.

swami om ji

Om Ji who always do abnormal mistakes which hurts housemates real life more than the reel life.If you have noticed one thing, Om Ji didn’t leave a single chance to bother housemates with their hard words. Where other people just respect their age and try be respectful with him, Om Ji just be good with that person for the fraction of seconds.

Salman Khan asked Om Ji about his last week mistakes. Om Ji again started to mix his Parampara in that answer and Salman Khan just stopped OM Ji to get explanation about which country Om Ji belongs to.

Swami Om Ji messed with each an every single member of the house except Priyanka Jagga. Hope this will also happen soon

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